Depending on the information provided by the organizer, you can obtain even more information on a program item in the detailed view.

Please note that the following description shows the full scope of the MEA agenda details. Most functions are optional and can be deactivated by the organizer and are therefore not available to you.

1 - Title of the item on the programme

2 – Date of the event

3 - Time slot

4 - Room information, a click will take you to the site plan.

5 - Deposited category

6 - Reminder: Let us remind you of the beginning of the session.

      My Planner: Add a session to your personal planner.

      Book: It may be possible to book seats for an agenda item.

      Note: Add a personal note so you can remember important details later.

7 - Ask question: Ask your question directly to the moderator.

     Voting: Session surveys can be filled in directly.

     Wall of Ideas: Post pictures and comments and share your ideas with other

     Quiz: Test your knowledge.

8 - Get more information about the agenda item here.

9 - Give your feedback on the workshop or presentation you attended.

10 - For more information about the speaker, click here.