The community solution is particularly advantageous for year-round use of the app within a company or working group. The advantage is that you don't have to enter a date to see the community in the app. An agenda can, but does not have to, be deposited. 

Within the community, individual events can be displayed, which are also created in the CMS. The community members only use one app to be provided with information all year round and to always be informed about events.

1. First, create a new event as usual. It is important that you answer the question Is the event a community solution?  under event settings with "Yes" (1). 

The administration of the community and the creation of content is done as usual in the CMS of the Mobile Event App.

2. If you want to display an event within the community, create it in the CMS first. The event must not be activated for the global list.

3. Enter the list of events in the app menu. Simply drag the tab into the menu. 

4. You can now choose whether to display all non-global events or only one selection. Tick the desired events. Only events that are active are displayed within the app.