After you have created your first event, you can set the start screen of the app. To do this, select the Launch screen tab in the Global Area under App Design.

Upload your individual graphic (1). The dimensions and the required file format can be found above the upload button.

Align the graphic (2). In the lower part of the screen you can see a preview of how the start screen will look on different devices. With the alignment you can optimally display the graphic.

Under the menu item Start screen you determine who may use the app (1). 

  • Login: Determine if a login is required or anyone can access the app without logging in.
  • Guest login: A guest access allows the use of the app without prior registration.
  • Certain features of the app are not available to users with guest access.
  • Registration: Should it be possible for users to create an account for the app on their own.
  • Recover password: Should it be possible for a user to have a new password sent to him/her?

In the Start View area you can also set the colour of the buttons, texts and links (2).

You can also upload a logo which is displayed when the login screen is called up (3).

Use the button at the bottom right to save changes.

In the Legal text area, you deposit the imprint that will be displayed in the global area. Depending on the settings, you should fill in the remaining fields.

To select the colours in the global area, click on the corresponding tab in the menu. To learn how to configure the colours of the app, please click here.