1. In the CMS you can compile the start page of the app for each event individually. First of all you select the desired event. In the CMS menu, click App Design and then click Dashboard.

2. On the left (1) you see all available elements, which can be deposited on the start page. 

Drag and drop the elements to the center of the screen (2). Here you can also change the arrangement of the tiles by drag-and-drop at any time, even while the event is running. Tiles are available in the dimensions 1x1 and 2x1.

On the right (3) you can see a preview of what the start page will look like in the app. Use the filter in the upper area to get a preview according the visibility.

To store your Custom Page son the start page, select an Custom Tile and then store the deep link in the next step.

3. To edit a tile, move the mouse pointer over a tile and then click the pencil icon to edit it. A dialogue box opens. 

You can enter a label text in the upper part of the tile and set the background color (1). Leave the text field blank to hide the label.

Either a color or an image can be selected as background (2). There are templates available and you can upload your own graphics as well. 

Set your own icon (3)

As an alternative to the label text, you can display a text in the middle of the tile (4). You define the color of the text and the icons to the right of the text field.

For individual tiles you can create your own link from the app or the web (5).

Define the visibility of menu item (4).

4. After you made changes, you must save the results by clicking Publishat the bottom right. The changes are immediately live and visible in the app.