• An overview of the functions, which you can use without surcharge and which you can book with us for an extra charge, can be found with description here
  • All important basic features such as agenda, participants, speakers, surveys, site plan, news and push messages, exhibitors and sponsors can of course be used at no extra charge
  • Some functions or extra services we offer for an extra charge, including: Quiz, gamification, lead scanning, check-in app, on-site service, white label, in-house distribution, own domain. We would be happy to make you an offer in addition to your existing basic offer. The prices can be found here
  • Some services provided by our team are also available at an extra charge - for example, if we take over content maintenance for you. Here we charge 780 Euro for a man's day. Depending on the scope of your content, approximately 1-5 man-days of content service may be required. Also participant imports, agenda imports or interface adjustments, which are not made by you, can be connected with additional costs
  • We are constantly developing our product to provide you with a great event experience with our Mobile Event App. Should you still miss a function that the MEA does not currently offer, we can talk about a special adjustment. The costs depend on the man-days required


  • We would be happy to discuss additional options or special adaptations with you 
  • Please note, however, that special adaptations can only be integrated into our product development after a longer lead time of a few weeks or months. We also reserve the right to reject certain adjustments if they are not useful for further product development or for other reasons