• If you work with a Login, you have the possibility to quickly record how many participants have logged in - this is then also at least the number of those who must have downloaded the app or opened it in the browser.
  • Select the following points in the backend: Persons / Profiles / Filter: Properties and select Profil setup complete.
  • You will find the participants who have completed their setup or logged into the app at least once.
  • You can also determine the persons who have not logged in - and remind them with a reminder if necessary.
  • Additionally you can use our tracking tool Piwik - here you can check how many visits the app had etc. based on the date.


  • If you check in the global area how many participants have completed their setup, you will get an overview of all app users who have an account in the CMS.
  • If you look in a special event, you will only find the participants belonging here.
  • If you have not used the login function, you will not be able to determine how many people have logged in. Alternatively, you can use Piwik to get an overview of frequently visited pages, for example. If Piwik is not activated yet, please contact us.