Usually we create your first event for you when you gain access to your backend for the first time. If you have booked further events with us, you can create them in the backend under "Events" / "Manage events".

1. Enter the title of your event.

2. Determine whether this is a community solution* - this is subject to surcharge and therefore set to No by default.

3. Set the language of the event.

4. Set the time zone of your event.

5. If you want your event to be seen only by a specific group, select it. You can also make this setting later.

6.+ 7. Enter the city and country of your event on request.


  • If you leave the event visible without group restriction, it can be seen by anyone who has access / login to the app
  • If you limit the visibility to one group, the event / community is not visible for users with guest access and also not for registered users
  • If you want to make an event temporarily invisible, select Event active: No

*A community app can contain several events that can be selected from the app menu. The solution is therefore suitable if you use the app for communities (e.g. the employees of a company). Please contact us if you would like a quote.