To integrate live streams our system generates a Stream URL & Stream Key. You need this information for the different providers, through which a live stream can be realized.

For the implementation simply copy the Stream URL and Stream Key into the program or service of your choice. This establishes a connection between the two end points, which feeds the video signal into the Mobile Event App.

The only requirement is, that your provider is able to support an RTMP signal.

1. Open the Agenda feature.

2. Create a new agenda item. 

3. Enter all important information about your agenda item. Activate the livestream: Scroll down the view to the "Live Stream" item. Set the switch to "Yes". 

4. Save the agenda point by clicking on the "Publish" button in the lower right corner. This step will create the stream URL & stream key from the system. 

5. You are now back on the agenda overview . Call up the newly created agenda item. Copy the URL & the key.