Open settings 

At first open the "Analytics" in the event-related area of the CMS. You will find this under "Additional views". 

Then select the "documents" tile on this overview page.

Select location plan

First select the desired documents. 

Set period

Now you will get to the overview of all analytics. 

First select the relevant time period here. For example, your event days or the time between the publication of the app and the event. 

To do this, click on the date in the upper right corner to open the calendar.

Evaluation of the data 

After the period has been selected, the chart updates and other tiles with important information. 

The following information can be retrieved:

1. Total views  

This diagram shows the selected days and the corresponding hits. 

With the help of your mouse, you can call up the exact number of hits for the day. Simply move your mouse over the graph. 

At the top left you will find the total number of hits for the location plan. If a user clicks on this location plan several times, these views will be counted several times. 

2. Views of different users 

This tile shows how many users have accessed the document.  

A user can click on an agenda item several times. Then the number of hits increases (see 1.), but not the number of different users.

3. Excel download 

Download the user-specific data of all evaluations as an Excel list.