Activate optional feature

The booking of appointments is a feature that can be optionally booked in addition to the standard scope of services. It enables the participants to make individual appointments with each other. After the feature has been activated, you will find it in the event under the menu item Appointments.

Define group combinations

By selecting Appointment-Groupsyou specify which groups can request appointments among themselves. There is a requesting groupand a recipient group. For example, if the participant group is entered as the requesting group and the speaker group as the recipient group, the speakers can only confirm the appointments but not send their own requests. If this is to be possible, the group combination must be stored again in the reverse ratio (requesting group = speakers, recipient = participants).

Create time slots

By selecting Appointmentsyou can enter time slots that are available to the users. Create as many slots as you need. Participants can manage and lock or release their own time slots in the app.

View booked dates

Under Appointment listyou can see which appointments are booked and thus have an overview of how intensively the feature is used.

Allocation of table numbers

A table number is automatically assigned for each agreed date. You tell us in advance how many table numbers should be provided. If all tables are already fully booked at a certain time slot, the requesting participants will receive information in the app.