Activate Gamification and manage it in the CMS

The Gamification feature can be activated optionally for each event. The Gamification feature is designed to encourage participants to use the event app even more intensively. For various actions within the app, such as a post on the Wall of Ideas or the star rating of a presentation, the organizer can define a number of points in the backend. If a participant performs one or more of these actions, he collects points and receives a ranking, which can be viewed at any time in the menu of the app.

Gamification settings

Under Interactions and Gamification and by selecting Configuration you can set for which action how many points should be assigned. Highscore shows the score of each user.

Make configurations

Use the sliders to specify how many points are assigned for a particular action (1). The scale ranges from 0 - 10. Under the Link you can link up to two own pages on which for example the Gamification Feature is explained (Scoring) or which prize awaits the winners (2). Your own pages must be created in advance.