The booking of workshops, lectures etc. with a limited number of attendees can be added as an additional feature to the standard package. The administration is done simply and comfortably in the CMS. Enable the participants of your event to book workshops within the app and display them in the app.

1. The booking and allocation is activated by your account manager in the CMS. You set this directly at the agenda item. By default, the booking is deactivated for all agenda items. To activate the booking, open the detailed view and scroll to the program placement. Under Booking you determine whether or not there should be a limited contingent for the session. Under Contingent, you define the maximum number of participants. If the maximum number of participants is reached, the user receives a message that the booking was not successful. If the booking process is complete, select Closed. Further bookings or cancellations by participants are no longer possible. 

2. To manage the bookings, open the Event Planning tab under Schedule bookings in the menu. All sessions that have been stored as bookable are displayed here. To see the list of participants who have booked a session, click on the person icon (1) under Edit. The pen (2) forwards you to the agenda items so that you can quickly make changes. Use the download symbol (3) to download the current list of participants. The text displayed to the participant in the app can be adapted using the button Edit feedback messages (4).

3. The person icon forwards you to the overview of all registered participants. The quota may be exceeded if the number of participants is added manually or if the number of participants is subsequently limited. The persons can be deleted from the list. The persons do not receive a message and must be contacted individually. 


Booking parallel sessions by a participant is not possible and is automatically recognized by the system. The user will be notified when booking overlapping sessions.

In order to be able to display all booked sessions to the participant, the CMS offers you the possibility to store a menu item with the bookings. To do this, drag another agenda tab into the menu and select My Bookings in the detail view under Displayed Elements. Finally, rename the tab to My Bookings, for example.