The custom page gives you the possibility to individually display contents which you cannot display with the already existing features. 

You create your own pages using Custom pages under Additional Views. Click the button + Create page to create a new object.

Specify a key for the page (1). Note that no special characters or spaces are allowed. Your own name describes the page and is displayed in the app.

All available elements with which you can design the page can be found on the right-hand side (3):

Headline: The text is displayed with a larger font size

Spacing: Insert a spacer between each element. We recommend 20 px.

Text: Edit the text, add enumerations and links.

Button: Store external links or deep links from the app. Two layouts are available.

Picture: Upload your own pictures. The optimal size is 1000 px.

Map: Enter the latitude and longitude (you can find the data e.g. via Google Maps). Enter the zoom factor. We recommend starting at 15.

Video: You can upload videos of up to 10 MB as MP4 file. Alternatively, you can also store a YouTube ID.

The elements are dragged and dropped into the middle bar (2). Elements already created can also be moved by drag-and-drop. They are deleted using the trash can icon in the upper right corner.