1. The agenda shows all items of the programs that are relevant for you as a participant. In addition, the agenda offers you many more options, depending on which options the organizer offers you as a visitor.

Please note that the following description shows the full scope of the MEA agenda. However, certain functions can be deactivated by the organizer and are therefore not available to you.

You can usually access the agenda via the menu or the dashboard of the app. All days of the event are displayed in the upper area (1).

In addition to the official agenda you can set your own date (2).*

Individual agenda items are displayed with the title and time (3). Additional details such as room details or speaker names can also be displayed. If categories for agenda items are deposited, these are displayed as colored stripes between time and title. 

To filter the agenda, click on the button in the lower right corner (4).

2. Select one or more filter options. Active filters are visible in the upper area (1) and are marked with a blue tick behind the selected option (2).

Confirm your selection with the Apply-Button (3) or scroll down to the bottom and reset the filter settings (4).

*optional features