The multilingual feature allows you to create an event in several languages. The user selects the desired language within the app. Only the languages that you have defined for the app or event are displayed. 

1. In the global area, you specify which languages are available within the app. The first language (in this case German) is the default language of the app. If content is not available in the language selected by the user, the system automatically switches to the default language.

Additional languages can be added by choosing Add translation.

2. Select all languages to be used for events in the app. Selected languages are marked with a check mark. Additional languages can be added at any time. This view is identical in every event. You can make different language settings in the events than in the global area of the app.

3. When creating an event, select the default language for the event. In the example shown, English has been set as default. The default language of an event can differ from the default language of the app.

Under Settings / Languages you have the option of adding languages to the event that were previously defined in the global area.

4. In the CMS, you will find this view for all features that can be created in several languages. The languages that are available are displayed. The pen indicates that there is already content that can be edited. The + indicates that the contents still have to be completed. Click + to add the translations.

5. You can edit all languages in one view. Simply click on the appropriate language (1).

You can copy the entire contents of an element, for example, if only individual elements are to be translated (2).

It is also possible to copy only individual text modules (3). For example, if the title of a presentation is not to be translated.

Enter the translated texts using free text entry or copy/paste (4)

Save the changes as usual using the green Publish button.

6. The app menu and dashboard can also be created in multiple languages. To open the view for editing, use the button at the top right. Further processing is carried out as described above.