You have implemented many ideas and invested time in your app. Now it is important to communicate the app sufficiently to the users. Below you will find some tips on how to put the app in the focus of your participants. You don't have to implement all the suggestions, often a combination of some of the options listed below can help. But be sure to drum up the business.

  • Send a newsletter to users a few days / weeks before using the app - point out that an app will soon be published. It is best to add a meaningful screenshot. Also mention how people will receive their access data (e.g. by e-mail) and highlight the benefits of using the app. This way your participants are prepared for it.
  • Use a meaningful description in the App Store - explain the features and content of the app so that users recognize the added value.
  • Set the optimal time for the "Go Live". Please send the access data to the participants approx. 1 week to a few days before the event. If you send the accesses much too early, it is possible that your participants postpone the download of the app for too long or no longer have their invitation mail at hand. If you send the accesses much too late, your participants may already be on their way to the event and cannot install the app.
  • In the invitation mail, refer to how the participants will find the app. Whether your app is on the public App Store or on a non-public download site, make it as easy as possible for users. Link to the respective App Stores or to the download page. Link also to the Web App. This saves participants from searching for the app. Please contact us if you need specific links.
  • Point out the app at any time. Link to the app on your website. Publish the link to the web app (e.g. on a poster) during your event. The Web App can be called quickly in the browser of any mobile device if your participants were in a hurry and could no longer download the app. You can also link to the respective App Stores on site with the help of a QR code. Or publish the name of the app that participants can search for in the App Store.
  • Provide stable Internet for a sufficient number of participants. Many functions of the app require an Internet connection, e.g. sending a survey, collecting gamification points, etc.
  • Set up a clearly visible help desk during the period of use of the app. It is sufficient, for example, if you fill it with an employee shortly before the start of the event or during the breaks. Here your participants can be given a new password if necessary or helped to call up the app. Experience shows that only a few participants need help.
  • Make the functions and use of your app attractive. Even self-proclaimed "technology deniers" can be encouraged to use the app. Use surveys or the Wall of Ideas, stage your speakers with photos and curriculum vitae, use our zoom map Points of Interest, publish news. Show participants that using the app offers much more than just a program booklet. Certain functions such as quiz, social wall or gamification in conjunction with a competition can increase the fun factor of the app even further. These three features are available from us for an additional charge.
  • Keep users up to date - preferably via push messages and news. Link to surveys, encourage posting on the Wall of Ideas, point out the new gallery photos or simply say "Welcome". Participants are regularly reminded to use the app.