1. Select the event for which you want to create a survey. Under Communication in the menu, select Surveys. You can create as many polls as you want.

2. Click on +Create voting

3. Give your surveys a meaningful name (1).

Optionally you can set the time period in which the survey should be active (2).

Choose how often a participant can participate in a survey (3): 

One-time participation: Each participant can only participate once in the survey per event.

One-time participation per agenda point: If the survey is linked to several agenda points, the participant can participate once per agenda point.

Unlimited participation: A participant can participate in the survey as often as he/she wants.

Decide whether the results should be recorded anonymously or by name (4).

With Send you confirm your entries and the survey is saved.

4. In the overview all created surveys are visible. In the Edit column you have various options to edit the survey or download the results as Excel.

1. Deeplink to link the survey within the app

2. edit survey

3. delete survey

4. create questions for the survey

5. display results (only active if questions are stored)

6. download results via Excel

7. download personalised results (answers per participant)

8. delete survey results

9. duplicate survey with all settings and created questions

5. To add the questions to the survey, click on the list icon (see screenshot above (4) ). Click +Create question in the following screen.

6. In the next view you define the type of question and of course the question itself with the answer options:

1. enter the question (max. 255 characters).

2. define the position of the question.

3. type of the question (single = only one answer possibility can be selected, multiple = several answer possibilities can be selected, text = free text field, input = in the text field you can specify which answer is expected, e.g. first name)

4. define the answer options for single, multiple and input.

5. here you define how the survey should be displayed in the live view. You can choose between bar charts and pie charts.

Click Submit to save the question.

Note: You can create as many questions per survey as you like. But please note that the longer it takes to complete a survey, the less willing participants will be to participate.