Notifications appear as short push messages on the phone, presumed the user has agreed to receive such messages. If the user has not agreed to receive the push messages or uses the web app, the messages appear in the Notification Center of the app. So all App users have the possibility to receive the messages. 

Use the following steps to create your message in the CMS: 

  1. Click on Notifications / Messages in your event.
  2. Click on Create message.
  3. Enter your message (max. 255 characters).
  4. Enter a link if required.
  5. Select a time for automatic dispatch, if required.
  6. Select a platform if required.
  7. If necessary, select a group to receive the message. If you have not selected a group, all users will be notified.
  8. Click on Insert.
  9. If you want to send the message yourself, click the third icon (arrow) on the overview page to send the message.