Once the event app is up and running, it should of course also be filled with users. Your main goal should be the following: 

  • encourage every participant to use the app 

Since use of the app is voluntary, you need to find a reason why your participants would want to use it. 


  • The event app is primarily intended to accompany, support and inspire 
  • Show a clear reason or advantage for using the app 

Before the event

As long as your participants do not know that an event app exists, it will not be used. Communicate the use of the app before the event. Inform by e-mail or create a landing page that you share on the intranet or other internal platforms. 


  • Invitation one to two weeks before the event 
  • Remember again just before the start 


In the text of the invitation it is best to refer to the download links of the app of the respective store and also provide the link of the web app. To do this, list in short sentences or key points which steps need to be taken to use the app. Also provide a contact person who can be contacted in case of problems. Your primary goal, however, should be to make the instructions as simple as possible so that misunderstandings and possible problems are completely avoided. 


  • Formulate information briefly and concisely 
  • Store download links of the app 
  • Keep the steps to use the app as simple as possible 
  • Provide contact persons

During the event

Enable your participants to quickly get hold of the app at the event. Mention the app at several points in your event. Be it at presentations on stage, workshops or on information material such as flyers or brochures.  


  • Provide QR codes for direct download of the app 
  • Reference to on-site helpdesk, if available 
  • Mention App several times at the event 
  • Encourage use through surveys and live voting

After the event

Even after the event is over, you can still share important information and documents via the event app. You can also take part in surveys to be better prepared for future projects and to be able to follow up. 


  • Share important information about the end of the event 
  • Make documents, infographics, etc. available digitally
  • Remembering highlights and special events 

If you need further help or have any questions about the activation of your invited participants, please contact us. We will be happy to help you to tap the full potential of your event app!