The Analytics settings are always event-related and must be configured for each new event.

If these settings are not configured, no data will be collected.

Where you can find these settings and what each switch means is explained in the article below.

Open the settings

When you open your newly created project, you will find a note on the home page that includes that the Analytics need to be configured for the first time. Clicking on this banner will take you to the settings.

You can also access the page through the menu via "Analytics":

Set the analytics individually

After clicking on the banner, the modal for configuration opens automatically. Here there are the following setting options:

1. Collect usage data

Here you can define whether usage data should be collected or not. If the setting here is set to "No", all subsequent switches are invalid and no usage data can be evaluated in the CMS for this event.

2. Personal data

If 1. has been activated, you can still specify here whether the data should be collected anonymously or personalized. If "Yes" is selected, the data will be collected with reference to the person. If "No" is selected, the data will be collected without reference to a person.

3. Opt-In

Here you can set whether the query in the frontend "Do you want to share your usage data?" defaults to "Yes" or to "No".

--> If you set the switch to "Yes", the default setting for the user is "No". The user must actively agree for the data to be shared.

--> If you set the switch to "No", the default setting for the user is "Yes", which means that the data will be shared.

4. Consent Require

Here you can set whether analytics consent is required to participate in the event. If the switch is set to "Yes", the tracking consent is preset for the user and cannot be changed by the participants.

This setting should normally be set to "No". If tracking is mandatory for participation in the event, this can be ensured via this setting by setting the switch to "Yes".

To apply the settings you have made, you must finally click on "Save". You can change the settings in the menu under "Analytics" at any time.