The evaluations of your livestream are only available for 7 days!

Open settings 

First open the "Analytics" in the event-related area of the CMS. You will find this under "Additional views".

Then select the "Livestream" tile on this overview page.

After you have evaluated your livestream, the following view appears:  

1. Set period 

First select the days or the day which are to be evaluated. 

2. Livestream plays 

This shows the number of times the stream has been replayed, i.e. how often users have clicked on "Play". As soon as a user starts the livestream several times, this number increases. 

The daily changes are shown graphically in the diagram. 

3. Player impressions

This number expresses how often the page on which the livestream is integrated has been loaded. 

A user can therefore load the page once, but still restart the stream by pausing and clicking the play button again. 

The number of player impressions does not change, but the livestream playback does. 

4. Average view time 

The average viewing time is evaluated here. 

5. User-specific evaluation 

Use this button to download the user-specific data as an Excel list.