You can book the quiz as an additional feature to the basic package of the app. The participants can test their knowledge in a playful way and are encouraged to use the app.

1. You can find the quiz under Communication and Quiz. With +Create Quiz you can create your personal quiz. Of course you can create more than one quiz per event.

2. Set the options for the quiz: quiz title, description and picture are mandatory. You can activate the timer if required and specify the length of the time interval in seconds. 

If the quiz may only be completed at a specific time, you can set an individual time window. Of course, you can make the quiz visible to certain user groups.

3. The results are not filled in at first. Only after the first participants have taken part in the quiz can you download average scores and personalized data. If you want to determine a winner for the quiz, participants with guest access are not allowed to take part in the quiz, as no personal data is recorded.

The questions with the four possible answers (the number cannot be changed) are entered at the end. The correct answer is always entered at the top. In the app the answer options are arranged randomly. Enter three more wrong options. With the arrow keys (1) on the right side you can move the position of the questions below each other. The trash can symbol deletes the created question. You can add as many questions as you want (2).

4. After you have saved the quiz (button Save in the lower right corner) you will be taken back to the overview page. The quiz must still be published so that the contents are visible. Click on Publish and confirm your entry. After publishing, the quiz data can only be edited to a limited extent.

5. After the quiz has been activated, it can also be deactivated again.

It is best to combine the quiz with the gamification feature. In this way you can encourage participants to interact even more within the app.