• Persons can be created in the global area and in the event area (but in the event you only see the persons who belong to the event - in the global area you see all persons).
  • Click on Persons on the left and then on the submenu item Profiles (1)
  • Click on Create person (2)

  • You must enter "First name" and "Last name" as mandatory fields (3)
  • If the person should log in to the app with this account, further mandatory fields "Username" and "Password" (4) are required.
  • Enter the Email address which should be used for contacting the user, e.g. in case of resetting the password (5)
  • Enter the person in one or more groups, e.g. if you want to show the person in your participant list or if you want to enable certain uses within the app (6) 
  • The other fields are optional, but we recommend the use of company, position or city to make your list of participants more attractive


  • The participants can upload a photo themselves after logging in, if you do not add profile pictures to the accounts
  • Speakers do not necessarily need to receive e-mail and password if these profiles are not used for login
  • If you create participants in the backend individually, they will not receive any e-mail - please inform them of their access data
  • If you want to create a larger number of participants, use our participant import via Excel - you can also send e-mails here

More about importing participants