First steps

  • First select Schedule in your event menu and then the button "Create Event".
  • A window opens in which you can complete the agenda item on the schedule
  • Choose between Event and Separator (1) - Events offer more functions, while a separator is more of a "divider", e.g. pauses
  • Enter the title of the agenda item (2)
  • Enter an optional description of the agenda item (3)
  • Add optional speakers (4) - more about creating speakers

2. Program details and visibility

  • You must enter the date and start time. The end time is optional (5). 
  • You can optionally enter a room (6).
  • You only have to select a higher-level agenda item if it is a lower-level agenda item (7). Click here for more information.
  • One or more categories can be selected optionally, if this is useful for program structuring (8).
  • The visibility of the agenda point can optionally be controlled by groups - but you do not have to select groups (9).
  • Optional: add more about program placement

3. Optional settings

  • Click on the optional settings you need for the agenda item.

4. Linking interactive content

  • Link Surveys, Wall of Ideas or Quizzes. These must have been created beforehand to be listed here.