1. First steps

Give your exhibitor a title, add a description in the text field and upload an exhibitor picture. The recommended size is 960x540px, JPEG. The exhibitor link can refer to an external link of the exhibitor. The URL should be something like 'https://www.beispiel-link.de' to open the page internally. http links can only be opened outside the app.

2. Link to the stand location (map/points of interest)

Insert the name of the stand (e.g. stand C.23) and the deep link from the points of interest / site plans. The Point of Interest must already be created so that the CMS has generated a deep link. 


3. Additional information

You can also add additional information such as products, company address, stand personnel, product groups, categories, agenda items and documents to your exhibitor. The stand personnel, product groups and categories, agenda items and documents must be created in the CMS before the exhibitor in order to add them here.